Motorway 5c connecting Budapest and the Adriatic Sea

Naslovna slika

Works at the Zenica Sub-Section

The construction works at the Motorway 5c connecting Budapest and the Adriatic Seal are well under way on the Zenica’s nearby hills. The contractors are struggling to fulfill the very demanding construction assignments in the hilly section of Zenica – Perin Han sub-section where a number of viaducts and cut-troughs need to be handled along with the tones of rock and earth to be excavated and trasported away from the building site.

In principle, Zenica is already enjoying the benefits of excellent road communication to Sarajevo and further south, the route of the already finished 5cMotorway sections.

As the estimate goes, the most frequent traffic in Bosnia is the one operating between Zenica and Doboj, 90 kilometers to the north. Once this section is covered, Zenica will see the full benefits of the road building efforts to connect industrial and cultural centers of Bosnia and Herzegovina with their counterparts in the European Union.

This will also make Zenica more attractive to the prospective investors and business partners.

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