City Council adopts a Master Plan 2016-2036

Naslovna slika

At the 17th session of the City Council held on December 28, 2017, a Master Plan 2016-2036 as a major planning document was passed by a majority vote of the attending councilors which paved the way to opening up the opportunities for development of the neighborhood plans, infrastructural plans and most importantly, the investment plans for the future trade and economic zones.

The Master Plan developed by the Urban Planning Institute of the Zenica-Doboj Canton is well in conformity with the Cantonal and Federal Plans that are developed having in mind the economic, environment, social and cultural aspects of the city development.

Given the current adverse effects of the low employment and the lack of investments creating new jobs and business opportunities, the Zenica South Trade Zone and Zenica North Industrial Zone are the two single features of the Master Plan expected to offer some new opportunities to domestic and foreign investors, as well as local entrepreneurs to use the incentives offered by the city government to develop their businesses.

The next steps include a development of specific land use documents covering the detailed physical plans for some specific neighborhoods in order to have a clear-cut situation for both citizens and investors in order to achieve a well-thought and orderly planned projections of the future development.

The Master Plan is a major tool for making Zenica a business friendly city offering a number of incentives to investors and entrepreneurs.

The City Council also adopted the City Budget 2018 amounting to 51,232,780.00 KM (26,194,910 EUR) which makes a 4% increase compared to 2017.

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