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A unique e-service in the Region

The Queue Management System (QMS) is a segment of the future E-Governance System that the Zenica City Administration is going to introduce in working with its citizens. This G2C (Government to Customer) approach is introduced to facilitate the interaction between the city administration and citizens.

How does it work?

Nowadays, a great number of citizens frequent the city counters to be issued the extracts from the Vital Statistics Registers, apply for license to marry or authenticate their copied documents. At certain times, a lot of people come with those requests at the same time and this creates problems for both customers and workers.

In an attempt to facilitate this interaction, we have introduced online information on the QMS ticket number of the client whose request is currently being handled. As a result, the customer does not have to be at the queue area all the time, but rather go out to enjoy fresh air or do something else. While doing that, the customer could simply check his/her smart phone and monitor the QMS situation at the particular counter. Of course, one has to have an internet access do make use of this service. The city administration has helped by introducing a number of free Wi-Fi hotspots in the town.

With this system in place, our citizens are free to get involved in other activities while waiting for their turn. We have made waiting more active and interactive allowing customers freedom of movement while keeping them informed about the number of ticket currently handled.

This project is part of the general idea of the city management to introduce a full-functioning E-Governance in the foreseeable future.

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