9 May – Europe Day

Naslovna slika

Zenicans are deeply aware of the importance of the Europe Day in both of its aspects: 5 May for the Council of Europe and 9 May for the European Union.

It is these values that we’d like to build the future of Zenica and Bosnia upon. Our recent history shows we must be on guard at all times to deter the onslaught of the rising extremism throughout Europe and help convince other countries as a living example of how the nationalism or radical ideas of “supreme” ethnicity or religion leads to a disaster which is very difficult to control.

For all these, the Zenica City Government, the City Council and all our citizens are commemorating this important day to reiterate once again our determination to cherish the European values laid down in the European Convention of Human Rights and its Protocols, in a desire of joining the family of the European nations in the foreseeable future.

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